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Oh, my gosh, Gary, I'm completely enamored of your paintings! Your style, your perspective, your eye for subjects, your use of color--just totally up my alley! I could look at your work all day long and never tire of it. I loved meeting you at Michie Tavern today, and seeing you in action. Thanks for sharing your gift with the world.
-- Bird Dierking, 7/15/22

Looking forward to meeting you at Augusta this year, Gary. I'm a watercolorist born in Missouri and living in Virginia, the reverse of your path.
-- David Finnell, 1/11/20

So pleased with my purchase at Ste Gen's show.
-- Mary Lou Lafloure, 9/30/19

Gary ~ Congratulations on your well-deserved award today! I knew that you had a winner. I had to leave before the awards ended, otherwise I would have congratulated you in person. You have a great website and beautiful paintings! I’m in awe!! I’m taking to heart what you said about how Plein Air impacted your painting. I plan on just getting out there very early in the day so I don’t have the heat as an excuse for not going out. It was nice meeting you and your wife today. I hope our paths cross again. Congrats again! Carla
-- Carla Giller, 5/12/18

Gary, These are amazing. I had no idea you even painted, let alone were so gifted at it. It was great to see you last night! I am so glad that God's hand of blessing is on you guys! Sincerely, Don
-- Don Erehart, 9/25/17

Gary, it was great to see your beautiful water colors at Queeny Park. Being a biker l love being out doors. Your works is an insperation filled with outdoor life.
-- Richard Miller, 9/14/16

Hello Gary, just wanted to say how inspiring your work is. I am about to start another session of teaching watercolors and I always include your work to my students!
-- Terry Neal, 1/19/16

Gary Beazley, St Louis MO, fine art watercolor artist, member GSLAA, Artroom Prints